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We do what your attorney doesn't.

Attorneys perform about 70% of the tasks needed to settle an estate.  
Probate 2.0TM  helps you with the remaining 30%.
The Old Way - Executors struggled through an agonizingly slow disjointed process they wouldn't wish on their own worst enemy.
The New Way - With PROBATE 2.0 executors simply plug into an operating platform built to maintain & settle estates faster, easier, and for more money.
Probate 2.0TM is a huge network of  local service providers, financial professionals, buyers, lenders and entrepreneurs...ready to help ease your probate pain.
Probate 2.0TM - "The 5 Steps to Probate Success".  
Is the quintessential guide that explains how to use the Probate 2.0TM Operating Platform and the 5 essential steps to probate success. 

Simplify - Settle - Succeed

Are You Suffering Trying to Settle an Estate?

Probate 2.0

Everything you need to help you through the Probate process from start to finish

Local Service Providers

Chances are you have no idea where to turn for help. We do. Stop wasting time searching.

Trusted Referrals 

 Our network of experts - CFA's, CPA's are here to help.

A Custom Plan

Our estate concierges help you create an actionable plan designed around your specific needs.

Move Forward With Confidence

Over 20,000 buyers, lenders, and entrepreneurs compete for your estate assets. Piggyback on our 30+ years of success.

Learn how to Simplify the Estate Settlement Process with Probate 2.0

Quick & Easy Process

Download the Guide

Chances are you have never been tasked with settling an estate. Why re-create the wheel? Our guide gives you a proven plan.

Schedule a Consultation Call

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Create Your Custom Plan

Our experts will help you create an actionable plan to help you settle the estate faster and for more money.

Execute the Plan

We don't leave you hanging. From lawn service to selling the estate's assets we help make it happen.

Use this guide to...

Find out why the estate's largest asset is at risk of total loss and the simple step you need to take to protect it.
What you must do now to avoid vacant property nightmares.
Discover streamlined processes and checklists. No need to reinvent the wheel.
The essential numbers you need to know to make better decisions. 
Help you complete the process.

What Makes the Difference?

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between estates that are settled efficiently and create wealth for the heirs and those that don’t?

The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge.

So we laid all out for you, page after page, inside the guide. All you need to do is use it.

Finally...A Service Dedicated to Helping Executors. 

Download the Step by Step Probate 2.0 Guide below and receive the FREE bonus report:

“What Every Beneficiary Wish they Knew BEFORE they Sold ANY Property"

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Five Steps to Settle Estates Faster
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